Our program includes cultural entertainment, art exhibits, and traditional Southeast Asian food vendors. You’ll also enjoy international and Lao classical dances, live bands, Ping pong and Rattan Ball (Kataw) competition and experience the ceremonial Lao New Year’s rites of passage. We invite you to support our efforts by participating in this very important festival as we enter into the year 2556 B.E. and crown Miss Lao New Year.

This festival will provide an opportunity for the Lao American community to promote a deeper understanding of our traditions and people, present a uniquely Lao American identity, and to share our rich cultural heritage.

Admission fee: $2.00 at the Market Creek Plaza; $25 for the evening gala at the Jacobs Center Celebration Hall.

LCCC will be hosting Pageant Scholarship Fundraising Gala to help raise fun for future pageant activities and scholarship for Lao high school students on Saturday, September, 17, 2011 at Ly’s Garden Seafood Restaurant from 6pm – 1am. Hope everyone can come out and support us!

Ly’s Garden Chinese Restaurant
4350 54th St. # B
San Diego, Ca 92115
Admission: $15
Special appearance by: Nam Pheung and Kee Morakhot

This is a Pageant Scholarship Fundraising Gala, where we are showcasing the pageant culture of our community. There will be special performances by past and present pageant contestants and winners and many local singers. It is a time for all of us to get together and help in a change that is due in our community starting with our generation. Our goal is to be able to raise money for current and future events having to deal with the pageant. We are recruiting early this year so that we have enough time to spend with the contestants to help them build self- confidence, public speaking, and lasting relationships with a common ground of our culture. This is an opportunity for you to come with your friends and family to enjoy and learn more about our community and culture. There will be an information booth for those who are more interested in participating.

If you would like to help or volunteer, your admission would be covered. We need all the help we can get, as usual, but since you all have been contestants, this is a night for you to come out and see the change that we have coming. We are holding a fashion show, and I would love all of you to be in it. Please let me know if you can be apart of it.

We hope that you are able to join us and we’re looking forward to seeing you at the event. Thank you in advance for continuing to support the Lao Community Cultural Center!

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