The Lao Community Cultural Center (LCCC), the largest Lao organization in the Southern California, founded in February 28, 1992. Its mission is to promote unity and collaboration among Lao American people of all ethnic groups and to facilitate cultural exchange between Lao community and other communities at large. It has been contributing to the positive growth of the Lao community and actively involved in efforts to perpetuate Lao tradition and cultural heritage.

The Lao New Year celebration event is annually organized by the LCCC to preserve Lao traditions, help younger generations build a deeper understanding of their own culture and appreciate the aesthetics of Lao music and arts, strengthen the Lao identity, and bring the Lao and other communities together through this annual event. Lao New Year celebration is a manifestation of Lao heritage and, therefore, has a special significance for Lao community of San Diego.


1992 – 1998 Mr. Khayphet Chanthrathip
1998 – 2000 Mr. Khamphay Phrathep
2000 – 2004 Mr. Nham Insisienmay
2004 – 2006 Mrs. Khamphet Soumpholphakdy
2006 – 2010 Mr. Vannasing Keodara
2010 – 2012 Mr. Somsack Thongchanh
2012 – 2014 Mr. Khampheng S.Phabmixay

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